Psychiatry & Mental Health Highlights

 Refa’enu (see below) was covered in the Jewish Standard in an editorial and article.

I founded Refa’enu, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness in the Jewish community about depression and related disorders and their management. It attained status as an NJ Nonprofit Organization in January 2014, and attained Federal nonprofit status as a public charity in June 2014. More information is available on its active Facebook and twitter pages.

 Refa’enu started its peer-led, mood disorder support groups in October 2014.

My first op-ed in The Jewish Standard (reprinted here) addressed the need to speak openly about mood disorders in the Jewish community. The column won an Excellence in Journalism Award given by the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists.

I co-authored an article about the importance of looking out for other people’s happiness on Seder night.

I was quoted in an article by The Jewish Link of New Jersey regarding suicide in the Jewish community.

– I wrote an op-ed for The Jewish Standard about pregnancy-related depression.

– I wrote an op-ed for The Jewish Standard about Chazkeinu, an organization that provides strength and empathy to women faced with mental illness.

– I wrote an ope-ed for The Jewish Standard about how Carrie Fisher was a mental health warrior.

– I wrote an op-ed for The Jewish Standard about the popular Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why”

– I wrote an op-ed for The Jewish Standard about the shame, stigma, and judgment that many people feel about a plethora of subjects that are often considered taboo.

– Refa’enu Online Forum – An online mood disorders support group that I created was featured here.

– Elijah’s Journey – I’m quoted here and here (p23) about an event I helped organize. The organization running the event, of which I’m on the advisory board, focuses on suicide awareness and prevention in the Jewish community.

I was quoted in The Bergen Record and The Jewish Standard about a mental health symposium that my nonprofit organization, Refa’enu, co-hosted in May 2019.

I wrote an op-ed for The Jewish Standard about mental health advocacy groups in Bergen County, NJ.

I wrote an op-ed for The Jewish Standard about how it feels to have a mood disorder, from the perspective of people who have mood disorders.

I was quoted in an article in The Jewish Standard about Youth Mental Health First Aid training courses that Refa’enu hosted in January and February 2020.

– Primary Psychiatry – As senior editor, I wrote news briefs on the latest research in the field.

– Publishers Weekly – I covered numerous psychology- and psychiatry-related titles, including:

  • Against Depression – I wrote a book review and interviewed depression expert Peter Kramer, MD
  • Exuberance: The Passion for Life – I wrote a book review and interviewed bipolar disorder expert Kay Redfield Jamison, PhD
  • Claudia J. Strauss’s Talking to Depression: Simple Ways to Connect When Someone in Your Life Is Depressed book review
  • Bruce Perry’s The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog: And Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist’s Notebook – book review
  • Simon Baron-Cohen’s The Science of Evil: On Empathy and the Origins of Cruelty – book review

– Mood Disorders Support Group of New York – As a group facilitator, I wrote an article (pg 6) with tips for a positive support group experience.